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Congratulations To Spencer Checketts For Avoiding The Death Blow


On the Internets, anything is possible. After being ranked #12 in the seeding poll by you, Spencer was able to work the tubes to his advantage and pull off upset after upset. He's Gordon Hayward but he made the Hail Mary.

You delivered the Death Blow (because he really had it comin') to David James with 666 votes (81%) giving Spence the easy victory.

Sometimes you get credit for energizing the base and getting them out to vote.

Thankfully this is all done now. It's definitely an off-season thing and took a lot longer than I expected. For your curiosity, here's how everyone was ranked on a scale of 1-10,

Craig Bolerjack (1320 KFAN) 7.19
David Locke (1320 KFAN) 7.17
David James (1320 KFAN) 6.71
Hans Olsen (1280 The Zone) 5.85
Scott Garrard (1320 KFAN) 5.83
Bill Riley (ESPN 700) 5.48
John Lund (1280 The Zone) 5.47
Ben Bagley (1320 KFAN) 5.44
Tony Parks (1320 KFAN) 5.34
Patrick Kinahan (1320 KFAN) 5.23
Kyle Gunther (1280 The Zone) 5.09
Spencer Checketts (ESPN 700) 5.04
Alema Harrington (1320 KFAN) 5.03
Gordon Monson (1280 The Zone) 5.02
Jake Scott (1280 The Zone) 4.91
Jan Jorgensen (1280 The Zone) 4.80

Thanks for the votes and the comments. We may or may not do it next off-season. If we do, perhaps we'll make it an actual tournament with the on-air guys actually going head to head in something with proceeds going to charity, the junior Jazz, or something.

Like I stated in one of the first posts, don't take this too seriously. Mainly, I just wanted a little filler to pass the time before the season started and to hopefully make that time go a little quitcker.

Thanks to all of the radio guys that tweeted and talked about the contest on-air. It certainly wasn't my intent to do this to get exposure though I'm certainly not going to decline either. I know how competitive the stations are. That's one of the biggest reasons why I think we could so something next off-season in real life.

And if there's a lockout, get used to stuff like this.

Thanks again.