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Sunday Syncopation #4

Another Sunday, another Syncopation . . . let's get right into it, shall we?

  • We all know by now that we haven't lost a game so far ( . . . unless you go back to the Orlando Summer League, which for some stupid reason I still have on my DVR). Of course, we've played pre-season games every year . . . how well do they fare for indicating how many wins we'll have?
Year Pre-Season Record Beaten Teams Reg-Season Record Playoffs?
2002-2003 4-4 @OKC (Seattle?), @Phi, @Nyk, vs. Tor 47-35 @ Sac: 1-4
2003-2004 7-1 vs. Dal, vs. OKC, vs. Nyk, vs, Phi, @Dal, @Nyk, @Orl 42-40
2004-2005 3-4 @OKC, vs. Nyk, vs. Sac 26-56
2005-2006 2-5 @Tor, @Por 41-41
2006-2007 4-4 @Ind, vs. Por, @Den, vs, Ind 51-31 @ Hou: 4-3
vs. GSW: 4-1
@Sas 1-4
2007-2008 4-3 @Det, @Mil, vs. Phi, @LAL 54-28 @ Hou: 4-2
@ LAL: 2-4
2008-2009 4-3 @LAL, @Por, @Chi, vs. Por 48-34 @ LAL: 1-4
2009-2010 6-2
vs. Den, @Real Madrid, vs. Por, @Cha, @Por, @Sac
53-29 @ Den: 4-1
@ LAL: 0-4
2010-2011 8-0 vs. Por, @ Por, @Phx, vs. Phx, @LAC, @LAL, @LAL, vs. SAC ? ?
  • Please note that the chart is jacked up, and I don't have the patience to fix the html kung-fu right now
  • I wrote about the pre-season stats a little over here, aside from my overt Fesenkophilia I'm legally required to tell you all that we're now entering the Kirilenko Renaissance. If I had my desk top back I'd put in a photoshop of him wearing one of those frilly shirts and strange hats.
  • Standard Definition? Yanni music? It's the 1992 NBA All-Star game! (There goes your Sunday afternoon, you know, aside from this NFL fad...)
  • The boxscore is fun to look at for that game, Karl finished with 11, 7 and 3.Stock had 12, 5 and 3. Horny (as a Suns player) had 11, 3 and 2. Of course, all we remember this game for Magic (for good reason). I'm happy to see that he's still making headlines 18 years after he was forced to retire for medical reasons.
  • Speaking of my favorite website, I was asked to write a few lines for for their Utah Jazz preview. If you are interested you can read it here.
  • I know we were all shocked that David Benoit had to step down as the head coach for the Saitama Broncos, but as of June 2009 he was named the head coach for the Kyoto Hannaryz.According to their wiki, he's still the coach of the team today. One of their players is the former LSU standout Chris Jackson.
  • I'm worried that by the time it takes Paul Millsap to gel with Al Jefferson on offense Mehmet Okur will be back - throwing everyone out of their comfort zones. If only someone would write about these lineups . . .