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How Does Technology Enhance Sports?

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via Flickr Commons

So as you can tell from the bar across the top, this is a sponsored post. You may have seen similar posts on other SBN basketball sites. Basically, Samsung is looking at some new ways to advertise and they're partnering with us to bring some exposure to how technology is changing how you view sports.

There is something in it for you. This will run on Fridays for three weeks. At the end, you can enter to win a TV from Samsung. So with that in mind, here we go...

I figured I would write how I'm using tech each week while watching sports. Before I write about that though, I thought back to when we didn't have all of the technology that we have now. I'm going to go into "get off my lawn" mode for a bit. As I grew up in a small town, following a small-market team, you can imagine that news was scarce on the Jazz. We only had a weekly newspaper in our county so even finding box scores was a chore.

So with that said, it would be easier to talk about how technology hasn't changed things. I can watch the game while I'm riding in a car on my phone for crying out loud. The games are in delicious HD when I'm at home and I can chat with Jazz fans all over the globe while the game is going on. Really, sports is one of the main industries that has driven this explosion in technology. The constant need for updates, scores, quotes, stats, etc. is a driving force behind all of this.

I'll maintain that being at the arena/park/field is still an experience that can't be duplicated. But for the cost that it takes to take a family to a game (seats, parking, concessions, souvenirs, etc.), you can have a pretty decent good experience at home. Your concessions are whatever is in your kitchen. You have a view that you wouldn't get in the nosebleeds. You can kick back on your favorite chair/couch and stretch out. You can pause the game so that you can run to the bathroom, get a snack, put the kids to bed, and any other interruptions. If you do that, you just have to avoid the computer and looking at your phone until you catch back up to the score.

Anything I've missed? Really, could you go back even 5 years, knowing what we have now in technology, and exist? It could kill me.