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Sunday Syncopation #1

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Like the downbeat, I wanted to add something music related to this website that I am participating increasingly in. We don’t get a downbeat over the weekend (for good reason), but I wanted to add some rambling thoughts in point form here. This may not even be a regular thing at all, and I’m not expressively trying to make Monday’s Downbeat less fulfilling . . . so this isn’t always going to be news related . . . that said . . .

  • It’s easy to make fun of Boozer right now. Let’s be classier fans than we are given credit for by toning down the epic, karmic schadenfreude that is sure to come (Baggate)
  • Last season 4 out of the 5 teams in the Northwest division won 50 or more games. That’s pretty crazy. I think the last time something like that happened was when all three Texas teams and the Hornets were good in the same season. (They’ve never been all good in the same year since)
  • The Commonwealth games are going on right now. It’s not a big deal in the USA, but the majority of the nations I’ve lived in have been part of that group, so it’s on my radar. This year it’s in India. I’ve checked out the website of a few Indian newspapers for sports news and I found this gem – a page of ‘info’ on Ryan Thompson, which includes a picture of Morris Almond on it. (It doesn’t suggest that they are the same guy, which is good, but I found it funny. For the record, the Detroit Free Press doesn’t have their own Ryan Thompson page, so in this way, the Times of India are more advanced than what I get at home)
  • Thanks to the Sac Kings website, here’s their post workout interview with Ryan Thompson
  • As a non-Utah resident Jazz fan, I’m out of the loop on a number of things. I have to rely on Utah Jazz fans in Utah to give me a fuller picture of events. The blogs by the papers (Trib and Des here) help, but kudos to Diana for her Jazzbots/360 post here. If you haven’t read it, please check it out.
  • In the 1987 NBA draft, the Jazz picked their first Puerto Rican player in franchise history with the 15th pick (Jose Ortiz; the second would come later on … Carlos Arroyo). Many fans love to play the ‘what if’ game with drafts. Who did the Jazz pass on? Mark Jackson (1st round, 18th pick), Ken Norman (1st round, 19th pick), Reggie Lewis (1st round, 22nd pick), and Sarunas Marciulionis (6th round, 130th pick) were all better players. There are more guys the Jazz ‘should’ have picked if you go through the entire list. And yes, the NBA draft used to be way more than 2 rounds back in the day.
  • Do you remember the All-Star weekend back when Jeff won 2-Ball and his 2nd Three Point Contest? Did you see his kids playing with his trophies on TNT before they broke for commercial? Well, here’s Jeff’s youngest:
  • I know what you are thinking – and yes, she does have a 87.4% serving percentage. Man, I’ve been following the Jazz for so long that not only are my heroes old, but now their kids are too. I guess the next thing you’re going to tell me is one of Karl’s daughters was the MVP of the WNBA All-Star game or something . . .
  • John Stockton averaged 27.3 ppg and 13.7 apg in the 1988-1989 NBA Playoffs. That is all.