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Before we over-estimate how bad we are . . .

Okay, I understand . . . we have a losing rate of 100% right now. It's bad. It looks horrible, and right now, it *is* horrible. That said . . . it's not the end of the world. We know that the pre-season really isn't indicative enough of yearly success from here. We did not listen. Hence, we should endeavor to be more rational now than when we were going nuts over our glorious pre-season record. UtesFan89 wrote about it here, and Clintonite33 wrote about it here. It's just too early to go nuts. (Or too late in my case)

Season 1st Ten Games: Total Season Wins Playoffs?
2002-2003 3-7 47
2003-2004 5-5 42
2004-2005 7-3 26
2005-2006 4-6 41
2006-2007 9-1 51 Yes
2007-2008 7-3 54 Yes
2008-2009 6-4 48 Yes
2009-2010 4-6 53 Yes
2010-2011 0-2* TBD TBD

I'm not going to go write a lot here, just put up the numbers . . . 10 games is not enough time to factor in all the crazy things like trades, injuries, hot streaks, and a little something called 'cohesion'. If 10 is not enough, surely 2 is way too few. We shall be fine. And if the worst season in a billion ever happens THIS season, well, we'll move to get Ante Tomic faster and use a lotto pick to add depth. (And that's not going to happen this year)