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Sunday Syncopation #2

Okay, it's Go-Time for another Sunday Syncopation. Let's get down to it ...

  • We all know about Karl Malone's 61 point game and the back story behind it. You can see all of his points in a well edited video on YouTube here. (Gameplay doesn't start until the 0:30 mark) Have you seen the boxscore for that game? Not only did Malone have an impressive line (61 pts, 18 boards, 3 steals, etc) but somehow the Jazz managed 144 points in a non-Overtime game. Man, I really miss how Stockton used to push the ball up the floor.
  • Oh yeah, for those who want to know, Karl's Go Rating was 1304.154 for that game. No, that's not a decimal error. His career number is one tenth of that. In another way to look at it, the Bucks had to face a Malone with a x10 multiplier on that night.
  • Speaking of Karl, you know that he's a strength and conditioning coach at his alma mater Louisiana Tech right now. There's only been one player from there who played in the NBA who wasn't a power forward: Jackie Moreland. It pretty much would suck to be recruited to go there if you didn't play PF and had NBA aspirations.
  • Here's one of my fav pics of former Coach Frank Layden:

  • For those who care to know, he lost a lof of weight for health reasons and is now in much better shape than he was when he was a head coach. The first page of google images shows a young woman doing a beer bong when I searched for this picture.
  • If you didn't notice, the pre-season has started already. The Jazz pulled out a win in exciting fashion. I'm not a big fan of wins where you win by the slimmest of margins and rely on Sundiata Gaines and Ronnie Price making 3 threes between the two of them, with no misses.
  • Jeremy Evans almost had a double-double and only Paul Millsap had more rebounds on the team than he did. I would like to see some Ryan Thompson next game, he may be able to do something else besides shoot the ball (cough Otyhus Jeffers cough).
  • I like OJ, but he has unlocked the 'chucker' achievement. In 9 mins of action he shot the ball 4 times. That means he shot the ball once ever 2:15 of action. That is some straight up Iverson level chucking.
  • Svelte Fesenko is a little too active. In the last game we saw him take and make jumpshots, destroy an opposing player (who now will miss the entire season), make an agile spin move in the lane, administer a completely unnecessary Mutombo-finger wag after a block, AND try out his WWE finish move on Marcus Camby (the Ukraine Backbreaker). I actually think I miss the 300 pound, sedentary gorilla dunks.

"I'm too old for this sh*t" - Marcus Camby who is 13 years older than Fes

  • Thurl Bailey has 12 more 30 point games in the NBA than you ever will. Not insulted? Okay, Greg Ostertag has 4 more 20 point games in the NBA than you ever will have.