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Game Thread - Utah Jazz Continue Their Florida Swing Against The Orlando Magic

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So what can we expect for an encore tonight? Hopefully a game where the Jazz aren't getting blown out early and have to mount a huge comeback.

After last night's game, the Magic are now the best defensive team in the league in defensive rating at 95.1 per 100 possessions. How lucky are we to be able to go up against the two top defenses in the league on back to back nights?

How much will the Jazz have tonight after last night's comeback against the Heat? Well, despite being an OT game, Deron played just 42 minutes (as he fouled out before OT) and Millsap played just 43 minutes despite his heroics. Those were the most minutes anyone played for the Jazz. Couple that with the double-OT the game before and that adds up a bit, but for the most part, this shouldn't be any different than any other back to back game. Al Jefferson should be ready to go though as he played just 27 minutes, sitting for the fourth quarter and OT.

The Magic have always been, and always will be at least an above average defensive team given the man in the middle, Dwight Howard. You can take a little bit of solace though in that with their 5-1 record, their biggest win came against Atlanta. Their other wins have come against Washington, Minny, New Jersey and Charlotte. They're a combined 5-22. They did beat a very good Atlanta team (our next opponent).

So what are we looking for? The same hustle and determination that we saw last night in the second half after Bell gave his speech at the half. It's hard to define in words sometimes effort. It's kind of one of those things that you just know it when you see it.

I would also like to see them work inside out for a nice change of pace.

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