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The Downbeat - 12 November 2010 - #359 - The Media Edition

AK was on the Tony Bruno show after the win against Orlando talking about why all the bald guys are jealous of his hair. He also lays the smack down on Justin Bieber (at the 29:00 mark, Download here)

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife Bed Intruder Song. Most of you knew about Hayward's Too Big Yo song. What you may not have known though it's now on Itunes for a cool .99 cents.

Img_0259_1__medium Img_0258_1__medium

I'm sure he's rolling in his extra cash.

Big Al was on TNT's Inside the NBA last night. There wasn't too much from Al other than some harrassment on his huge, yellow diamond earrings. The zing of the show came from Barkley though when he responded to McHale's comments about Al's knee injury costing him his job,

Kev, I hate to break it to you, he's not the one who cost you your job. Them other four rounders cost you your job.

Doing it as only Barkley can.

Al Jefferson on TNT (via utahbasketballjohn)

Good news for Sundiata Gaines. Looks like he impressed during a recent tryout of four guards and will land a spot with the Minnesota Timberwolves. It's the TWolves, but it's the NBA, right?


We don't play the Wolves until next month and we don't see them at the ESA until the end of January.

Loade Friday poll,