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Revisiting September's potential AK-Diaw trade

[This post has been edited to retain focus on the issue, thank you for your comments] First of all, aren't we happy, implicitly, that this Andrei Kirilenko - Boris Diaw trade didn't go down? I know I am. We all here had very strong opinions about it (for good reasons). If you want to revisit them, you are free to do so here, here, here and here. (There are more on this site, that's only four of the posts on AK) Of course, while the fans were vehemently against this there were some commentators who were not. Of course, I'm not talking about fans (who are highly subjective), but I'm talking about guys who put food on their table by working for the same people who own the team. (Who are the height of objectivity) I know I didn't tweet that Boris Diaw was the best passing big man in the NBA. But I know someone who did. After the numbers didn't really play out the way it was supposed to be spun the argument quickly became one about injuries. After all, "who helps you win more in a season if AK plays 67 games and Diaw plays 81?" [Isn't the answer still AK...? Diaw only helps you skew the BMI data for your roster.] Desperately we were called selfish and were told that this trade would save our poor, struggling Jazz $18 million (the theoretical equivalent of 18 home sell outs), despite the fact that Diaw's contract was for 2 years @ $9m -- so the real saving would be half of that unless the Jazz were just going to NOT pay Diaw for his last year on that contract. Ultimately, completely made up hypothetical situations were created in order to spin opinion for the trade. Remember friends, that "if we knew right now Memo would play less than 30 games would that make trade for Diaw reasonable for AK?" [Whut?] If we knew about injuries beforehand, wouldn't it have just meant signing Francisco Elson and Kyrylo Fesenko earlier? How about this one, "if we knew right now that Gordon Hayward would be shooting 37.9 fg% and 14.3 pt% would drafting someone else be reasonable?" You can make up crazy statements all day long, but some of us will never forget them. Nor easily forgive.

Click below to read more about how Diaw and AK match up . . .

I feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills

Changing the reasons for something continuously over a short period of time displays either a very active desire to achieve confirmation bias, or at the very least, reeks of desperation. The statements are a problem that I believe have no rational, real world solution. It is a moot point now as Boris is still on the Bobcats and Andrei is still on the Jazz.

No one is more pleased about this than we, the loyal Jazz fans.

How do the numbers stack up?

They look very similar, don't they? Well, I may be "just" a fan, but I'm not an amateur analyst. The Jazz won these last 5 games partly because AK has taken and made threes just when we need them most. His three point % so far is astounding. If it was Diaw, half of our come backs would have been aborted by flabby French shooting. (Not a dis on the French, just the fat ones like Diaw) Aside from the three point line; or the fact that AK is owning him on getting to the line; making his shots at the line; and having a Karl Malone like shooting worth -- the stats look remarkably similar. Similar enough to make an amateur proclaim on a public time line about their similarity. Of course there are two huge things 'simple' statistics fail to recognize.

I'm of course talking about Defensively Gambling and Pure Hustle. Why are these stats important? Well, they observe just how smart a player is on defense (in relations to getting called for a foul), or how hard they hustle. Read the Post-script here for more information on them if you care. Andrei absolutely kills Boris here. (Also Andrei has a better Assist:TO ratio and more apg than the best passing bigman ... and more rebounds too)

Andrei's efficiency (3pt%, ft%), tenacity (ft attempts per game), and ability (defensive gambling and pure hustle) are worth more than $19 million. You know why? Because Andrei helps your team win. If you need a guy to help you pick out a flashy robe and maroon underwear combo to wear in public, you just HAVE to go with Diaw. (I'm sure Jerry would bench Diaw for the year after seeing this every day in the locker room after practice)

AK gives you more wins. And more wins = ore home playoff games = more $$$ anyway, right? Money would be a moot point in the big picture, and winning would be better with Andrei on the team. So what's the problem, why even make these statements to begin with? GO AK47! Down with Diaw!