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The Downbeat - 15 November 2010 - #360 - The Improbable Edition

  An incredible breakdown from on just how improbable the comebacks were for the Jazz.  They had less than a 10% chance in all of those games after getting behind.  The fact that they pulled even one out is amazing.  But 5 in a row like that?  That just doesn't happen.

They had no business winning any of those games really.  They kept it closer with the Hawks but still dipped below the 10% threshold in the fourth when they got down 11. 

Add in the fact that these were all road games against 3 of the top teams in the east and you have a once in a lifetime occurrence.

  The best unit by far that the Jazz have had on the floor is still Deron, CJ, AK, Millsap, and Jefferson.  There's no doubt that Raja has struggled this season so far.  I don't think it's time to sit him yet though.  One, our second unit would lack a scoring option with CJ in the starting lineup.  Two, I think he'll come back around just fine.

What's interesting though is that when Raja and CJ on the floor together, though in limited minutes, they've put up a positive rating.

  Has anyone figured out who Deron was talking to after he made the running hook to beat the Bobcats?  After he pounded his chest, he looked over at the sideline and had some words with someone.  At first I thought it might be Jordan, but from the pictures I've seen, he typically sits near the Bobcats bench, so I don't think it was him.  The other players that came to get Deron after the shot also looked over at the sidelines and gave some smiles.

I just can't think of any celebs that would have been there.  Maybe it was just a heckler?

  Apocalyptic stats of the year so far.  The Jazz are out-shooting their opponents from three (34.7%-31%) while getting out-rebounded 438-417.  Don't worry though, we're still leading teams in assists, so not everything has been flipped upside down.

Do you know who's leading the team in 3p% (with at least 20 attempts)?

  Mychal at Salt City Hoops covered the recent Rich Bucher chat really well.  In the chat, Bucher compares DWill's situation with Chris Paul's and said basically that Deron is frustrated in Utah but that the only difference is that he hasn't told his friends yet.

What?  So his closest friends don't know that he's frustrated but Bucher knows this how?  Of course, Bucher seems to have a pulse on the frustration levels in Utah given his comments from a couple of years ago concerning the "vicious" Mormon Jazz fans,

"It is the most intimidating place to play because of the configuration of the arena... and, let's be honest... they are Mormon. They are in Salt Lake, and there's nothing up there. They gotta smile and be happy all the time... and this is the one opportunity for people to get vicious.