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The Downbeat - 19 November 2010 - #364 - The Whip Edition

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I'll have to see if I can score a copy of this book for review and then give it away. Luther Wright is releasing a book called A Perfect Fit. It's about his struggle with drugs and how he overcame them. Here's a promo video for it (thanks to moni)

Be inspired by Luther Wright's A PERFECT FIT (via SimonSchusterVideos)

Then, as I was browsing related videos, here's one of him singing at a Christmas concert a couple of years ago. He's really good.

A 1st round draft pick for Christ. Luther Wright sings at the Morning Star 2008 Christmas Concert (via stickman6886)

This is a good interview with Horny. He talks mainly about his time at Iowa State, but did talk about the Jazz a bit:

STF Q&A: Jeff Hornacek - "Keep hitting them in the head" - Storming The Floor
Moving on to your NBA career, you played your career in short-shorts. Were you ever tempted to switch to the knee-draggers?

No, 'cause that was too much weight to carry around. I looked for every advantage I could get. I think the material was heavier back then, because I could never imagine how you could move around in a pair of shorts that went to your knees or lower. Nowadays they make them of such light material, it's probably not the same at all. It's probably just something you get used to. Stockton wore them even shorter than I did. I had the medium length, he had the short length, and the other guys had the long length.

Of course Millsap didn't respond with any outrage after being left off of the All-star ballot yesterday. He simply said he was focused on winning. Really, I wouldn't think that he would say anything else.

The biggest factor for him getting selected by the coaches will be the record of the Jazz anyway. His numbers of course will have to stay around the 20 & 10 mark, but if the Jazz are underachieving, that will hamper his chances. If the Jazz are right there for the top 3 in West near the end of January, then that bolsters his case.

So what I'm trying to say is that Millsap is exactly right. If he's focused on winning, everything else will fall into place.

Sing along to to Willow Smith's Whip My Hair


Condolences to Coach Sloan who will miss the next two games due to the death of his brother James Sloan who was 74.