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The Downbeat - 2 November 2010 - #351 - The Thumbs Up From Fess Edition

  So this pretty much made my morning


Speaking, or writing I guess, of Fess, I read this on someone's personal blog about when they went to an autograph session the other day for season ticket holders,

Fesenko was with Memo and someone ahead of us told Memo that he needed to get better soon so he could play.  Fesenko yelled out, "Why?  You've got me!"

  So if Mike Conley can get 5 yrs/ $45M, what would that extrapolate to for Deron or Paul assuming no salary restrictions?  5 yrs/$90M?  1 yr/$100?.  And if you haven't seen it already, here is Matt Moore's (@HPBasketball) rant on the subject which was nearly an hour long.  His team is the Grizzlies if you didn't know.

Stats that stand out 3 games in (FWIW): 

  • Millsap has been beasting.  He's got a PER of 30.1 which is fourth in the league right now. 
  • Ronnie Brewer hadn't done much in the first three games to get the starting job from Bogans.  He's shooting just 25% from the field and has a PER of 7.4.  
  • Deron leads the team in fouls with 13 while Millsap has the least per 36 minutes.  What?
  • In limited minutes, Jeremy Evans leads the team in points per 36 minutes, has the second-highest PER at 24.5, and has a crazy 143 offensive rating.  Free Evans!
  • The number two man in assists per 36 minutes?  Kyrylo Fesenko.  He's also second on the team in assist percentage which is an estimate of the field goals a player assisted on while he's in the game.
  • The Jazz have 13 blocks to 11 against. 
  • They're out-shooting opponents from the arc, 35-32%.
  • With the Francisco Elson signing, we still have someone on the team older than I am.

  Congrats to the KOOF who had his contract extended yesterday.  He's seen limited minutes in the TWolves first three games but has played decent.  There were rumors flying that Kevin Love could get moved because he had been benched in the fourth quarter and is only playing 25 minutes a game.  What a franchise.  Isn't Love the reason they moved Jefferson?  Apparently that's all behind them now.

  The Jazz are #14 in Stein's rankings and #13 in's.  Is that about right?