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Game Thread - Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz

The Kings are coming off a tough loss at home last night against the 11-1 Hornets. They had the game tied up with about 4:30 left in the game but only scored 3 points the rest of the way and couldn't close it out.

Sacramento this year has pretty much played as expected. They've beaten who they're supposed to beat: Cavs, Wolves, Nets, and Raptors and have lost to everyone else (including the Nets and Wolves).

If we look at the primero problem for the Jazz, defensive rebounding, then we could see an uncomfortably close game tonight. The Kings are second to last in the league in shooting percentage but are third in the league in offensive rebounding percentage.

If you're looking for who might have big games tonight for the Jazz, Deron and Millsap have done well against the Kings over the past two seasons. Jefferson has also put up big numbers.

On the flip-side, the only current players for the Kings that have had big offensive outputs against the Jazz are Tyreke Evans (he dropped 32, 25, and 24) against us last season.

Hopefully the Jazz will pick up some winning mo at home as they get ready for a tough schedule at the ESA.