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The Downbeat - 25 November 2010 - #368 - The Thankful Edition

Thanks to the Miller family, the front office, and coaching staff for continuing to put out quality teams year after year and for running the organization the right way.

Thanks to UtesFan89, moni, clarkpojo, shums, and allthatamar for helping with the site and growing it.

Thanks the the local reporters, TV/Radio media, @utah_jazz, and everyone else responsible for bringing us the very best coverage of our favorite team. Granted, I don't have any experience with other teams' coverage, but I wouldn't hesitate to put ours up against any in the league.

Thanks to SB Nation for providing an awesome platform on which to spew my drivel.

Last, but by any means the least, thanks to you all for reading, commenting, lurking, fanposting, fanshotting, your insightful comments, your witty comments, unabashed Fesenko love, your hatred of the Lakers, your jinx and counter-jinxes, the game-thread memes, and everything else that makes SLC Dunk the best Jazz fan community on all the tubes.