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The Downbeat - 29 November 2010 - #370 - The Fesenko Friday Fail Edition

  Nothing like getting called out by the man himself for missing Fesenko Friday:


In my defense, I normally do them Thursday nights (post-date them for Friday).  With turkey day and shopping all day Friday, I completely forgot.  I was actually surprised that I remembered to do the Downbeat (which was done in-between stores).

It will return this Friday though.

  If the Jazz can beat the Bucks tonight, it would give them 13 wins in a month for the second time in the Deron Williams era.  The last time they did it was in the 2007 season:

November wins
12-3, 2011
 9-6, 2010
10-7, 2009
11-5, 2008
13-4, 2007
 6-9, 2006

I win would give them their best winning percentage (by a slim margin).  I think that as a Jazz fan, you have to be overjoyed at that record for November, especially given the start of the regular season.  Of those 12 wins, 7 have been of the comeback variety where the Jazz have been down at least 10 points.

The biggest surprise is the 7-2 road record and the 6-3 home record.  While this team was better on the road last season than it has been, getting wins away from the ESA has always been an issue for the Jazz. 

For at least the time being though, they have figured out how to not only compete as the visitor, but they have shown they don't panic if they get down.  Of course it would be preferable if they wouldn't get down double-digits so often.  For me as a fan though, I haven't fretted as much in recent games when they get down 8 or 10 points because that seems like nothing compared to the 18 or 22-point deficits that they've overcome late in the game.

In the past, even a five-point lead for the other team seemed imposing at times.  The Jazz though have faith in the system and keep running things as they know they can do.

One of the biggest factors in these comebacks has been the coaching.  Sloan always seems to have the right unit out on the floor no matter how silly or unfamiliar it may be.  He's left the second unit in when normally it might be time to get the starters back in.  He's left starters on the bench to close out games and has worked magic with a back-court of Earl Watson and Ronnie Price.

Rarely have I found myself yelling at the television to get so and so out of there, at least in the second half.  That's where the coaches have done an excellent job.  Whatever adjustments they're making at half time are working.  We've seen the offense go from horrendous to the well-oiled machine that we know it can be.  Whatever isn't working in the first half seems to get corrected and we have a totally different team take the floor.

The best part about the record is that this team doesn't seem as phased by losses as they could be.  They know there's another game coming, often the next night, and they just get back to work.

  Raja has come around on his shooting.  In his last 6 games, he shooting 53.8% overall (21/30) and 46.6% from behind the arc (7/15).  He's been able to contribute in other ways before then, but it's nice to see his offense come back and get closer to his career numbers.

  Great find by moni.  When photographers were jostling for position at the unveiling of Malone's statue, a young kid stepped in front of them all to get his picture of the Mailman.  The photographers clamored to get the kid out of there.  That's when Malone saw what was going on and did something about it:

Karl Malone sees this little bit of ugliness happen. He yells to the kid to come up, in front of all the "professionals," and get his picture. The kid is dumbstruck, like he can’t believe what’s happening. He gets in front of the photographers, takes the picture and then Karl goes a step further. He hands the kid’s camera to one of the photographers and has the pro take a picture of the kid standing with Karl.

Make sure to click through for the rest of the story and a picture of the kid.

Monday open poll...  Any Utah Jazz items purchased over the Black Friday weekend?