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Game Thread - Milwaukee Bucks @ Utah Jazz

"We all fall down..."
"We all fall down..."

I'm not sure who the Bucks have left on the roster tonight to play. Nearly everyone is out with an injury. It's almost to the point where they forfeit the game and we have to loan them players just to put on an exhibition. It's really too bad because the Bucks are one of the teams I root for in the East. Here's the casualty list:

  • Andrew Bogut - Out
  • Carlos Delfino - Out
  • Drew Gooden - Questionable
  • Corey Maggette - Questionable
  • Michael Redd - Out
  • Darington Hobson - Out

With everyone healthy, they're on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to offensive and defensive efficiency. They're dead last on offense with a rating of 100.2 while they're second in the league on defense at 100.8.

So while this is a game the Jazz should win, I expect Scott Skiles to get the most out of what he has on the court tonight and won't let them lay down. The Jazz need to take care of business and win a game they should win.