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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors

gsw nov 5
gsw nov 5

Starting Lineups



Two of the sweetest jerseys in the NBA go head to head tonight. There could be a change by the time this goes live tonight as Curry is doubtful for tonight.

Fess announced on Facebook that he's good to go. Evans is a game-time decision (doubtful) and Millsap should be good to go.

Right now, the Warriors are fourth in the league in offensive efficiency with 110.6. However, they're also 24th in defensive efficiency giving up 109.6 points per 100 possessions. With the third-highest pace in the league (and the Jazz 5th), don't expect this to be a low scoring affair. Even if shots aren't falling, both teams are going to get a lot of shots up.

The Warriors as a team don't get to the line a lot. I'm assuming that's because most of their shots are jumpers. When they do get to the line, they're only making 70% of them, near the bottom of the league. I had assumed it was because Biedrins percentage caused such a gravitational suck that everyone's dropped as a result. However, he has yet to attempt a FT this season and sits at 0%. Don't worry, it won't climb much higher. If we're tied at the end of regulation, I say we have a penalty kicks-style finish and have Biedrins and Fesenko go until the first one misses. I think we would win.