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The Downbeat - 9 November 2010 - #356 - The Refiners Fire Month Edition

The rest of November is going to be fantastic. Really, there's only one game where you could perhaps pencil in a win and that's at home against New Jersey.

First up is the set of back to backs this week that ends Saturday night in Charlotte. The Bobcats are 1-6 right now, unable to to put the ball in the basket, but the Jazz have not done well on this eastern swing in seasons past. Miami and then Orlando on the back-end is really a 1-2 knockout.

Atlanta has always been a tough place for the Jazz to play. They've given up some leads there and have had issues with their athleticism in year's past.

It doesn't get an easier coming back home with the likes of OKC, San Antonio, LAL, and New Orleans. .500 through the end of this month is looking very appealing.

Really, if you can predict how the Jazz will do over the coming month with any degree of accuracy, you should head to Vegas now.

Sham Sports reported that Gordon Giricek was charged with making death threats to his ex-wife two years ago. To his credit, I hadn't heard of this either. That occurred in June 2008, 6 months after he was traded to the Sixers as part of the Korver trade. He had divorced her the summer prior and didn't play in the Euro Championship because of it.

The Jazz start Hollinger's Power Rankings at #20. The biggest reason for that is that they're 3-3 against teams that are .400 and that we have a negative scoring margin. Part of that also has to do with a small 6-game sample size. There will be a a lot of movement by most teams over the course of the season and then things will start to settle in.

This is no expert analysis but if the Jazz are going to become more consistent on offense, we need Raja and CJ to step things up on their end. CJ's 1-13 doesn't help of course with his shooting percentage, but that's not going to happen again. In fact, that was his worst shooting performance of his career with more than 10 FGAs.

The Jazz actually do pretty well when CJ takes at least 10 field goals a game, winning 62% of the time. That would be a 50-win season.

We need Raja to come alive and help open things up a bit. He's a 44% career shooter and has started out a bit slow. Where he's been consistent has been three-point shooting and we're not getting that from him.

Tuesday open poll... Favorite player outside of the Jazz?