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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Miami Heat

deron nba jam
deron nba jam

The gauntlet begins tonight. It's likely that you, along with the rest of the known world, were drowned in Miami Heat news over the summer. You know what went on there.

Now that the season has started, know that the Heat are the real deal. The biggest stat that stood out to me is the fact that they have yet to give up 100 points to any opponent. The closest anyone came was the Timberwolves when they put up 97 points. Don't let that fool you though. That was a high-paced game and the Heat happened to win that one 129-97.

Those low point totals are aided by a slow pace, but make no mistake, they're a defensive stopper. That's not exactly who you want to be playing if you're the Jazz and you're inconsistent with the offense.

On defense, LeBron has had his way with the Jazz for most of his career. Wade has as well. In fact, they're almost identical. Both have 50-point games against us.

So what do we get from the Jazz tonight? Honestly, I don't know. It would be tough enough of a game even if the Jazz were clicking. If we're to have a good shot, we need to have the following,

  • Deron needs to finally show us the ninja and take over. Both of Miami's losses have come with Rondo and Paul at the point.
  • CJ or Bell will need to pick up their offensive games
  • Make sure anyone outside the "big three" don't have big games
  • Finally, push the pace. I think the Jazz can cause some disruptions if they push things and get out and run.

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