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Game Thread - Indiana Pacers (9-7) @ Utah Jazz (14-5)

While you're waiting for the game to start, here's an interview with Gordon Hayward (~6 MB) talking high school hoops with 1070 The Fan in Indy. He also talks about how he's doing in the NBA so far.

This should be a very fun game to watch. The Pacers have some big wins this season over the Heat, Lakers, and Nuggets. With the exception of their first two losses, they've been in every game. Their last 5 losses have come by an average of 5 points and one of those was a 10-point loss.

I guess I have had some misconceptions about the team because I've always remembered them as a high-scoring, and in the middle on defense. They've actually been a below average team when you look at their offensive rating the past few seasons and right around the middle of the pack defensively (I was right on one). This year though, they're a top 5 team defensively and I think that's what has pushed them to the upper part of the Eastern Conference.

The Jazz have a couple of things going for them tonight. The Pacers come into this game having played in Sacramento last night and Granger played 40 minutes. The Pacers are also just 3-4 against teams above .500.

Should be some interesting matchups tonight. Jefferson on Hibbert. AK on Granger. Collison has had some good games against Deron.

Other notes:

  • There will be a moment of silence tonight for Greg Miller's mother in law who was slain yesterday
  • Indy Cornrows
  • Earl Watson goes up against his former team

  • Hayward gets to play against his favorite team growing up

  • We'll get to see two "what might have beens" with Hibbert and Hansbrough who could have landed with the Jazz