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Game Thread - Golden State Warriors (8-15) @ Utah Jazz (17-8)

The Warriors come into tonight's game with just 8 wins on the season. One of those wins however was against the Jazz. The Jazz won't be in full revenge mode, but I'm sure it's something they've thought about.

The Jazz are playing much better since that game where they put up just 78 points. 19 turnovers along with just 18 assists isn't going to cut it against any team.

The Warriors are statistically one of the worst defensive teams in the league. They rank 28th overall in defensive efficiency. Though if you're ranked that low, I'm not sure you can include the word efficiency in there.

After the Ws beat the Jazz, they were 4-1 at the time. They've struggled mightily since. They're on a 6-game losing streak and have lost 11 of their last 12. They hung with the Thunder and Mavericks but overall have one of the worst scoring differentials in the conference at -6.8.

This is a game the Jazz need to win heading into their three-game break. That's not something you want to stew about before going on a big road trip.

Even for the Jazz, the 21 offensive rebounds they gave up against the Warriors in their first game was unbelievable. Biedrins and Lee had 13 of those.

If they can control the boards and be patient on offense, the Jazz should win this game.

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