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The Downbeat - 15 December 2010 - #382 - The Glorified Link Dump Edition

  I think that Millsap's jumper has been the key to his success.  Without that, I think he gets killed inside.  From SI:

Paul Millsap quietly fulfills higher expectations for Utah Jazz - Ian Thomsen -
Millsap hasn't done much to change his shooting mechanics. "It was about actually shooting the ball and having confidence in my shot," he said. "And through the years, as I got up the reps, I couldn't help but shoot it after it went in a few times." His success during tireless sessions of practice convinced him he had a future as a step-out shooter. "I said, 'Hey, I can shoot the ball,' and it helped me a lot."

(thanks to @bjcseven [BC7] for the tip)

  Let trade season begin.  I don't think there's a high likelihood that the Jazz do anything given that we are already at the league minimum for players.  Any assets we have to trade right now are just too important to the team.  I think the Jazz would have to be bowled over with an offer to do anything at this point and the assets we do have to trade really don't have that kind of command.  

They fit well in our system but I don't think any of them are desirable pieces for contenders.

The official start of trade season - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Utah Jazz: Raja Bell, Francisco Elson. Eligible later: Earl Watson (December 24), Kyrylo Fesenko* (December 29). 

* Players with one year contracts (excluding any option year) whose team will have Bird or Early Bird rights at the end of the season cannot be traded without the player’s consent.

  Might the MVP chants for Deron at the ESA this year finally be justified?  Maybe.  I would rather wait until March though to see how the team progresses.  I think the most impressive part of his season is that he's getting his points in the offense and isn't trying to get those points.  He's had to be the go-to guy a few times, and I know more fans want him to do that more, but his recent run has him balancing scoring and passing perfectly.  From the Trib:

D-Will plays way into MVP debate | The Salt Lake Tribune
When Williams was asked Monday night following a 108-95 home victory against Golden State that saw him pour in 30 points and dish out 10 assists if he had MVP aspirations or simply wanted to be considered one of the top 10 players in the league, Utah’s team leader sounded sincere when he replied that he is not concerned about public recognition.

The only thing that Williams cares about: winning. "I am just trying to do my part," he said. "I have had to take a little bit more of an aggressive approach scoring the basketball this year than I have in the past. That’s what I am doing. I still want to get my teammates the ball; I am still a point guard first. It’s necessary on this team for me to score more."

  Earl Watson, speaking on the alley-oops to Evans,

And Watson has received some special and unlikely instruction from the rookie. "He tells me I throw it too low. I don't know if he's serious or what, but if he wants me to throw it higher... we'll see."

I would like to see what Evans' limits are.  I really think he could pull off a Dwight Howard-type dunk with a sticker on the backboard. 

Watson and Evans aren't going to be part of any team's game plan when they play the Jazz, so that fake pick, and spin for the alley-oop play is always  going to be there.

  Classic Fesenko here.  This was pre-draft when he was working out for the Suns.  I have to say his English has come a long way since then.

Kyrylo Fesenko's funny interview (via krove)