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1st Round Of Voting Released For the 2011 NBA All-star Game

No real surprises from the balloting released today. Only Deron Williams shows up on the list for the Jazz. He's listed 5th in the West for guards:

Kobe Bryant (Lakers) 722,682
Chris Paul (Hornets) 386,649
Manu Ginobili (Spurs) 230,137
Steve Nash (Suns) 190,226
Deron Williams (Jazz) 184,148
Jason Kidd (Mavericks) 141,283
Russell Westbrook (Thunder) 140,519
Eric Gordon (Clippers) 113,510
Tony Parker (Spurs) 103,238,
Derek Fisher (Lakers) 81,088

That's nearly double the 94,715 votes that he got last year at this time. He might pass Nash in the voting when all is said and done but he's not going to top the other three. It's progress I guess, right?

Neither Jefferson nor Memo crack the top 10. I would like to think that if Millsap's name had been on the ballot, he would be in right after Scola (I'm giving him the Yao vote) and ahead of Caron Butler. Even with the coaches vote, it's going to be hard for Millsap to make the team.

If Durant and Gasol hang on to the top spots, then you have Dirk who is a shoe-in, Duncan, and Melo. For the guards you have Deron, Manu, Westbrook, and Nash. That's 12 right there including the starters. That's not mentioning Blake Griffin, Scola, Odom, Love, and Jason Kidd. Yao could be the only center on the team.

That's a tough class.

UPDATE: You know, If Jefferson had been listed as a center, he would have made the top 10 as well.