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It's Not Lame, It's The Ten Days Of Christmas. On The 8th Day Of Christmas, The Utah Jazz Gave To Me...

Deron Williams All-star

In 2010 Deron Williams finally broke through and was selected to the All-star game for the first time in his career. It definitely wasn't the first time he was deserving.

His first-time select was made sweeter by the fact that it was held in his hometown (close enough) of Dallas in front of the biggest crowd to ever watch an NBA game in the newly constructed Cowboys Stadium.

He didn't make it on on the fans' vote for one of the two starting spots despite the much-ballyhooed that no doubt led to tens of dozens of votes cast his way. With Kobe Bryant securing one guard spot for as long as he laces them up, the race will always be for second place for the other guard spot.

With the glutton of premium point guards in the West (Deron, Nash, Paul, Westbrook), it's going to be an uphill battle for Deron to become a fan favorite. The rest are deserving, and Deron's vote totals are improving, but it may take Kobe finally hanging them up for him to have a chance at a starting spot. I'm fine with that. In some ways being selected by the coaches is a bigger honor that getting selected by fans. Fans should still have the vote for who they want to see play.

It would be great for him to get a starting nod, but being chosen by the coaches of the league speaks a lot, especially when you consider who they have to leave out to include him. When you talk about a 3-time All-star, a 5-time All-star, or a 10-time All-star, you never mention whether or not that person started.

He's played himself into being a no-brainer for the coaches selection this season. Deron's not just an All-star this year though, he could be an MVP candidate in a few month's time if he continues his play and the Jazz keep on winning. I'm sure he'll take winning over anything else.