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It's Not Lame, It's The Ten Days Of Christmas. On The 7th Day Of Christmas, The Utah Jazz Gave To Me...

Rick Stewart / Getty Images
Rick Stewart / Getty Images

...Malone Hall of Famer

The summer of 2010 ended an incredible Hall of Fame run for the Jazz. In 2008. Adrian Dantley finally got the much deserved call. In 2009, Coach Jerry Sloan and John Stockton entered Springfield together. And finally, in 2010, Karl Malone followed those two and received basketball's highest honor. We won't talk about what (or where) he was doing to cause him to have to wait another year to enter the HOF.

As soon as he called it a career, the 5-year timer started. The waiting period was a mere formality for the Mailman.

  • 36,928 points (2nd all-time)
  • 9,787 FTs (1st), 13,188 FTAs (1st). Had he only worked his FT% to 60% (an improvement from the 49% his rookie year), he would have missed out on almost 1,900 points. He still would have been the second all-time leading scorer though.
  • 14,968 rebounds (6th all-time)
  • 5,248 assists (44th all-time, 3rd for forwards)
  • 2,085 steals (10th all-time)
  • Out of a possible 1,434 games that he played for the Jazz, he missed exactly 9 games. That's 99.37%. 3 of games were due to suspension.
  • 2 MVPs
  • 11 All-NBA 1st teams.
  • 14-time All-star (2 MVPs)
  • 3 All-NBA Defensive 1st Teams
  • 11 consecutive seasons with at least 2,000 points
  • 2 NBA Finals appearances
Finally, can I just say how happy I am that when he lists his road to the HOF, that he leaves out the stopover in LA?