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Fesenko Friday - The Reason For The Season. Fesstivus For The Rest Of Us!

It's your weekly caption contest of your favorite big man.  Let's read your best.


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"Uh, mom.  Father Frost is supposed to bring the gifts, not be the gift."

More on Christmas in the Ukraine:

  • It falls on January 7
  • Fess may not have celebrated Christmas until 1991 due to the Soviet rule.  He would have been 5.
  • Fess' birthday is December 24th.
  • This seems completely obvious to me now, but how do we not call this time Fesstivus?  With the amount that I use Seinfeld references, this seems like a gross oversight on my part.  This will become an annual tradition.  Hopfully Fess is here next year for them.

    Time for the airing of the grievances and for the feats of strength.  Go!