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One of these three guys is going to be in uniform tonight. And that's awesome. The NBA game, eventually, boils down to confidence. One major factor which can influence confidence is momentum. Nothing like getting a former All-Star to get ready action at the start of a road trip. (The first two games will be the hardest ones, on paper - the last two are trap games) Getting Mehmet Okur into (potentially) 7 games before 2011 is way ahead of schedule. I thought we'd see him in uniform during the 3rd week of January. We're getting a little extra Memo right now, and we're going to see him round into form during a relatively easy stretch of our schedule. The penchant for being on the road makes for a tighter, closer team atmosphere (us vs. the world), and I think it will help him for sure. He's not going to be starting. And he's not going to be playing 20 minutes a game. But he's going to be playing, which is a huge success just 8 months from what was previously known as a career ending injury. His recovery is part miracle, part money man.

And in respect for his return, today is payday.

PS. Man, Al Jeff is going to LOVE having Memo on the court at the same time as him . . .

PS part deux. Expect at least one between the legs pass from Deron to a trailing Memo (30 feet from the basket) tonight