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The Downbeat - 21 December 2010 - #386 - Twas The Night Before #BoomBitches Edition

I missed this interview from that they had with Gordon Hayward (mainly because I couldn't make myself go online after that game). He talks about his road to the NBA: Many of the players who get picked in the NBA lottery are guys who've been talked about nationally since they were in their early teens, but you only received three Division I offers. Were there any advantages to not being a much-hyped AAU star or high school prospect?

Hayward: The only thing might be that I didn't feel like I was entitled to anything, so every day I went out and worked hard. Not to say that those other guys didn't work hard, but for me, it was one of those things where I had to work. I had to get my name out there and try to prove people wrong, because you're right - I didn't go to the McDonald's All-American game or get highly recruited. For me, it was one of those things that made me realize I wasn't going to be given anything. I had to go out and take it if I wanted it.

He may not have been highly recruited, but Ron Artest knows about him. He has Hayward on his list, whatever that means.

Fess got the DNP-CD last night. Siler mentioned that if Elson is going to play ahead of Fesenko, they might want to move him now for a pick before they lose him for nothing (he'll be an unrestricted FA).

If that were to happen, the Jazz would have to pick up another player in order to fill the minimum roster requirements. So they likely wouldn't move him until the January deadline when contracts become guaranteed (Evans) and when they can start signing guys to 10-day contracts.

It would also depend on the health of Memo. Fess is pretty cheap insurance right now and a guy that has been in the system.

Also of note is the Melo/Nets deal that's apparently close to going through. This one is described as more complex than the one in October that would have traded AK to the Bobcats for Diaw.

Melo doesn't want to go to New Jersey without any talent there so both teams are trying to engineer trades that would send quality players to NJ along with him.

If they've already been part of the trade talks earlier, it's a not a stretch to think that the Jazz could be part of these talks as well if they're trying to do multiple trades. I'm sure AK, and more specifically his contract, has come up multiple times over the past few seasons. He's not the only one of course that could be traded but seems the most likely.

The Jazz also seem to like to deal in December. Last year they dumped Harpring and Maynor to the Thunder. Three years ago they brought in Korver. They like to get their trades in early.

It sure has the feel that the Jazz haven't made their last move this season. You never know when they're going to do something though until it happens. If they were in the same boat as Denver, you likely wouldn't be hearing anything unless the other team leaked something.

I'm excited to see the KOOF again tomorrow night. He's been getting some minutes over the past few games due to injuries. He still can't shoot, but he's pulled down double-digit rebounds in 2 of the last 3 games. He's also using up all of his fouls. That might be his ceiling.

Hopefully we can get another #BoomBitches tomorrow night after the game is already decided of course.

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