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Game Thread - Utah Jazz (20-9) @ Minnesota Timberwolves (6-23)

As a divisional match-up, it feels a bit weird that that we haven't played the TWolves yet this season. We won't see them for another month after this and then we play them twice in three games in March.

As you might expect from their record, most numbers for the Wolves are not good. If Phoenix wasn't there to break their fall, Minny would be the worst defensive team in the league. They play at the highest pace in the league and give up 112 points per 100 possessions. Combine those two and they give up 110 points a night. They've held opponents under 100 points just 5 times on the season.

Where they excel so far is on offensive rebounding. They have a master craftsman of a glass cleaner named Kevin Love. Perhaps you heard that he put up 30 & 30? Maybe you've heard that he's had 15 straight double-doubles? He's putting up 23 & 16 in the month of December. The man is an animal. It should be a great battle between him and Sap.

Those offensive boards could kill the Jazz tonight.

Other notes

  • Big Al returns to his old stomping grounds. Although he's grateful to be out of Minny, maybe he's a little peeved at them choosing Love over him and goes off?
  • Darko will start, but we should see some KOOF. May the KOOF have mercy. The KOOF is benevolent.
  • Memo is out.
  • The ever excellent Canis Hoopus.