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Is second the new first?

You may or may not have noticed, but we’re a pretty original franchise (if we forget the zombie hoard that is the San Antonio Spurs). While other teams play isolation and rely on athleticism, the Jazz rely on team play and execution. Other teams’ win totals from season to season may look like a roller coaster, while the Jazz’ mimics a drive through the fly-over states. Another major point of originality is that some teams rely upon stock piling first round talent – while the Jazz find talent that many people overlook. I’m curious though, who do you think would win in a game – a team made up of our 1st rounders, or 2nd rounders?

Talent suggests that the first team should win, but as we’ve seen from actual games this season, our bench of 2nd rounders (SWARM, if you will) play hard and get is back into games. This would be a titanic battle between talent and hustle. Also I’m pretty sure that Ronnie Price would stuff Gordon Hayward at least once during this game.