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Deron Williams Still Fifth In Second Round Of All-Star Voting

The NBA released the results from the second round of ballot results. Here are the guards:

Kobe Bryant (Lakers) 1,153,694
Chris Paul (Hornets) 585,690
Manu Ginobili (Spurs) 403,632
Steve Nash (Suns) 321,659
Deron Williams (Utah) 313,011
Jason Kidd (Mavs) 234,779
Russell Westbrook (Thunder) 233,593
Tony Parker (Spurs) 219,378
Vince Carter (Suns) 185,213
Eric Gordon (Clippers) 179,917

Deron didn't gain any ground on those above him. Putting aside Kobe, here's how he fared against the other guards:

Total Votes, Player, 1st round Votes - Vote Gain
585,690 Paul, 386,649 - 199,041
403,632, Manu, 230,137 - 173,495
321,659 Nash, 190,226 - 131,433
313,011, Deron, 184,148 - 128,863

He could still jump Nash but he would need a huge surge to pose any threat to Paul or Manu. I don't know how much exposure he can get or what it would do to help considering that Blake Griffin is on SportsCenter and NBA TV every other highlight and he can't move up much.