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The Downbeat - 8 December 2010 - #377 - The Maversap Edition

There's a very Maverick-type feel to this quote from Paul Millsap on the Jim Rome show yesterday. When he was talking about his threes in Miami, he said (thanks to Genessy for the transcription),

I had the opportunity to shoot the shot and I went for it.

That quote led me to think about Sloan talking to Millsap after the game:

Sloan: The hard-deck for this hop was 15
feet. You knew it. You broke it.

You followed Deron above that line. Why?

Millsap: Coach, we were down 8 with 30 seconds left.
He saw me open.

He proceeded above the three-point line.
We were above for just a few seconds.

I had the shot. We were down.
I had the opportunity to shoot the shot and I went for it.

Sloan: You took it,
and broke a major rule of engagement.

Then you broke another one
with that circus shot to tie the game
when you should have used fundamentals.

Jerry Sloan rules of engagement exist
for your safety and for that of your team.

They're not flexible, nor am I. Obey them
or you're history. Is that clear?

Millsap: Yes, sir!

Sloan: Dismissed.

In other Millsap news, the movie that is being made about his life and rise to the NBA has a title, Ambition. It's being financed entirely by Danny Trejo, an estimated $11M.

From the storyline though, it sounds like the movie is more about Millsap's uncle/agent, DeAngelo Simmons,

An intriguing journey to the NBA led by Paul Millsap's Uncle/Sports Agent DeAngelo Simmons. DeAngelo Simmons, once a reputable athlete himself, had his own dreams and aspirations of making it to the NBA. Unfortunately, a life changing event shattered his dreams. However, DeAngelo's unwavering faith and unheard of perseverance eventually led him to his destination, but via an alternate route.

When Terrence Howard is rumored to be playing Simmons, I would have to think that Simmons' story would be the focus. It will likely though be about both of them.

It has a scheduled release date of November 2011 with no one listed yet as to who will play Millsap.

Great video from Hot Hot Hoops (link courtesy of @tasmelas) on breaking down just how the Jazz broke down the Heat last time in Miami. Make sure to click through for an explanation.

Hot Hot Hoops HD - 15 Ways to get Jazzed - Video Analysis (via TheWhiteHotHeat)

More video... All of Millsap's 46 points:

Paul Millsap's 46 points (via LamarMatic)

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