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Game Thread - Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz

This is the only time in the regular season that we'll get to see the Mavs in the SLC. The Jazz have already split their two away games this season with Dallas and a win tonight would give them a tiebreaker should they finish with the same record as the Mavs.

Arguably, the series should have already been 2-0 in our favor if it wasn't for Dirk and those dang kids. Okay, if it wasn't for Dirk. The rest of the Mavs didn't have much to do with that comeback at the beginning of the year.

According to Siler, Millsap will get the start tonight against Nowitski. We'll see if Dir's length bothers Millsap at all. I personally would prefer to see AK on Dirk seeing as he did such a good job on him last season. The is the best matchup for Paul as he's not going to be able to go up against Marion.

Memo will match up with Dampier which is a good thing. We need a slow center for the opponent right now. I worry about Memo getting out-rebounded though.

DWill will go up against Kidd as usual. After having a game off on Friday, getting selected to the All-star game, and playing against the team from his hometown tonight, do we see a little something extra tonight from DWill? He he wants to break Jason Terry's other ankle, that would be great. Just let it be in the flow of things. I hope we still get to see snubbed games from him.

That puts AK on Marion to start the game. The two, who were once almost traded for each other, will showcase their freakish abilities tonight.

Finally, Ronnie B will try to keep the Jet in check.

Dallas has lost their last two games against Phoenix and Portland. They're playing a couple of games above what their point differential (+2.7) would suggest. On the flip side, the Jazz are playing below theirs. Let's hope we can even both of those out tonight in the right direction.