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Deron Williams' got milk? Ad



Ronnie Brewer's not the only one with a milk gig now.  It looks like the got milk? group has finally posted their ad featuring your favorite point guard.  I believe they're doing a larger roll out over the All-star weekend which features Chancey Billups as well.

He'll be showing up in classrooms around the nation as part of the Body by Milk campaign.  This is a pretty big deal for Deron as he tries to gain some national exposure for himself.  I've written before about this, but being in the Olympics, his Vitamin Water ads, and now this, help alleviate some fears that he might leave Utah for a bigger spotlight.  The got milk? is one of the most popular marketing ads of all time and remains huge to this day.  The other upside to this is that he's bound to get other endorsement deals and opportunities based on this.  So if you're worried about him leaving, it won't be because of lack of exposure.

It looks like he did this a while ago given the lack of beard buildup and that he's not sporting the goatee.  Congrats to Deron.  It's going to be a big weekend for him.

Click on through for more pics and info.  Here's the behind the scenes video from Body by Milk.