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Time To Move On From Geocities

Even with our site's lack of Twitterers, I'm guessing that a lot more of you are using Facebook, at least passively.  As you may have noticed today (not, not the KY explosion all over your screen), there's a big, blue Facebook button now on the bar at the top of the screen.  You were also greeted with a big box at the top of the page (which you can close) announcing the use of Facebook Connect.

If you want a glorious and detailed breakdown of the new features that come along with it, head to Blog Huddle (the blog for the company) and get your fix.  It really has some good stuff.

Here are the highlights.  First, if you've been holding out on joining SLC Dunk because you don't want another login/password to remember, you're in luck!  Now you can just use you FB login to comment.  If you already have a SLC Dunk login, you can link it with FB as well.  Great stuff.

So why do you want to do it?  Besides me getting $.05 for every signup (yeah, right), you can now publish your FanShots, FanPosts, and comments, to your Facebook page.  

So why all of the work from SBN to integrate this?  Hopefully, it makes it easier for you to share links and comments and such but obviously it helps bring on new users and promoted SLC Dunk and the rest of the network.  So if you like SLC Dunk and think something is particularly good, make sure to share it.

Finally, you can also friend me on Facebook.  You can get me at  Who can be my first friend?  I'll be posting some stuff there at times like pics and other stuff.  So hit me up.