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The Downbeat - 17 February 2010 - #168 - The Trade Talk Edition

  From Siler,

Jazz have been quiet in rumor mill but Kevin O'Connor said this afternoon that the team is able to take on salary this season and next.

Foreshadowing of re-signing Boozer?

Simmons annual trade value column is out and he has Deron in at #10 right behind Roy and Rose.

The best "Would you rather … ?" of the column. I'd rather have Rose at one-third the price of Roy or Williams, but that didn't stop me from mulling it for a few minutes. And Roy edges Williams by a hair because of his fearlessness in crunch time.

Hard to argue there but I think all three fall into his next category of "let me save you some time, NO."  I don't think any of their teams trade one of them for another.  Any trade would have to be for one of his top 5 players for them to do a deal.

Boozer gets a DNP according to Bill because,

...he's a free agent-to-be. I can't tell if the Jazz would trade him, or if anyone wants him.

On a side note, he was in Park City for Sundance and couldn't throw a book signing together?

  To trade or not to trade, that is the question.  Whether tis nobler to stay pat and suffer a playoff loss or perchance to dream of something more.

Sorry for butchering that.  But if the Jazz are willing to take on more money, why not go get a Tyrus Thomas?  Given that so many other teams are trying to obtain his services only validates what he could be a game changer for a contender.  If you have to take on Hinrich's deal to get it done, that isn't the worst thing in the world.

The Jazz need just a little sumpin' sumpin' to start making them favorites.  Anyone else out there you want the Jazz to get? confirming what most are thinking.  The Jazz are a better unit on the floor when Boozer and Memo aren't playing together.  What if you started Millsap and brought Memo off the bench?  Or does it matter who's starting?

Other notes,

  • Brewer and Millsap on the floor doesn't work well.  However, plug in AK instead of Brewer and it becomes a great unit.
  • The one unit where Miles shows up is the poorest of those listed.
  • A surprise of sorts with this group, Williams-Matthews-Brewer-Boozer-Fesenko.  They have the top +/- of any group and have the best winning percentage.

  Thanks to Leo Dirr from City Weekly for including me in his top ten Jazz blogs list,

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