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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ New Orlean Hornets

8>2. That still works, right?

It's not the same matchup of course as DWill and CP3, but that's what we'll get tonight. Of course Collison has been playing great since taking over for Paul. In February, he's averaging almost 20 & 8 while shooting nearly 50%. See, it's the system, it's not Paul! Oh, cmon. Settle down.

It really should be a good head-to-head meeting. Deron has some trouble guarding the smaller, quicker guards. A lot of the time when he gets beat though it's because he's getting picked and not getting anyone to slow his man down.

This will be the second meeting of the season between the teams. As you recall, the Hornets came to the SLC and were clutch in the fourth. Of course we laid a big fat 11 in the third quarter after having a 7-point lead at the half.

Since then though, the Jazz are a different team. Although, we have seen them not playing up to the January standards of blowing opponents out. Their offense seems a bit off right now. Give them credit on D. Even though they've struggled to pull away against teams, they've scrapped out wins because of their late stops.