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The Downbeat - 19 February 2010 - #170 - The Cup Of Brew Edition

For those 17% of you who selected Ronnie Brewer in the most likely to be traded poll, make sure to claim your prize.

A new update from Siler this morning,

If you read the blog last week, the Brewer trade shouldn’t have come as a surprise. I got a text from someone insisting that Brewer was the player to watch at the deadline - - not Carlos Boozer - - and that the Jazz would move him if they got the chance.

The Jazz had done more than listen to Memphis’ offer last month with Brewer. They initiated conversations with other teams about him as well. With their tax situation, the Jazz had the chance to ease the pain by moving Brewer.

I suppose the next question now is what type of player are the Jazz looking to sign to fill that 13th spot? I don't imagine they sign another wing player. We're pretty good at point guard right now I would say. Another PF? Maybe.

I'm going with a center or maybe a C/F. We have three centers technically but only one of them plays. So I'm going to say we sign another big man. Do we save any money though if we sign a vet or someone that gets bought out (Z?) in the next couple of weeks? I would assume the Jazz are going to try to get someone on the cheap.

That's where I would like to offer my services again. I'm a body that can wear a Jazz uni and sit on the end of the bench and see no PT just like the guy they're going to sign. And I come cheap. I can even bring my own jersey even though the top doesn't match the bottom. I also don't have an agent so there's no hassle. Just let me sign on the line.

Give me a call. But it might take me several years to get into shape just for practice.

Should we send one of these to Brewer?


One more question is who will get the start now that Brewer is out? CJ? Korver? Matthews? CJ has started before as has Matthews. Korver could certainly get a start as well. Sloan has always preferred to keep rotations the same before but has been mixing it up lately.

I think he goes with Matthews. CJ hasn't done anything to get the spot back and I think he wants Korver, as the vet, to come off the bench to help the second team.

I don't think it matters right now who starts though. The bigger deal is who's on the court to close out the game and Sloan has been putting the right group out there. We've had different mixes based on who's playing well and who we're playing. As long as that keeps up, I don't care too much about who's starting.

Friday poll,