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Deron Williams And The Rest Of The Jazz Players Are Pissed

This trade could have a bigger fallout than we imagined.  The tweets from Locke and Siler have given me an ulcer.


Bitter, upset, pissed off is the only way to describe comments from #utahjazz players.

Deron Williams when asked about team not imprroving for this season, "that is why I signed a three year deal"


Deron Williams said he had nothing good to say about the trade and that this is why he signed 3 year extension. Wow. Double wow.

Deron said Ronnie was his little brother and that he thought Jazz would try to get better at the deadline not worse.

I'm trying really hard right now to not hit the panic button on this.  Obviously emotions are high right now and  time will settle things down a bit, but this isn't good.