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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors.

Well, what's done is done. We can't change the past. (Seriously, all I watch is the Jazz, Seinfeld re-runs, and LOST)

There's valid arguments on both sides of the discussion. Great comments today. That really is what makes SLC Dunk the best place to talk about the Jazz. You've really set the bar high. I mean, when bucimislover steps up his game for one comment, you know the rest will be good as well. He'll be the screaming Jazz fan behind the bench. I don't know if we'll claim him or not.

If the Jazz don't come together and pull this one out, it will be an even bigger letdown seeing as how the Wizards, yes the team that just gutted most of their roster, took out the Nuggets tonight. A win would get the Jazz within 1/2 game of first in the division, something I didn't think was possible a month ago.

Even with last season's disaster, the Jazz have no excuses for not winning this game. They'll be without Memo tonight as he's in the SLC with Yeliz and their new boy, Yiğit. So here's your starting lineup for tonight,

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That's a pretty effective lineup, I just worry about the second team. That's another consequence of the Brewer trade that I hadn't thought of until now. Not matter who the bring in, it's going to weaken the bench a bit and that's always been a strength of the Jazz.

Regardless, the Jazz should be able to take care of the Warriors. Anything can happen on a given night in the NBA but this is one of those "got to have it" games.

The Warriors are still the Warriors of the past few season. They have the highest paced team in the league. It's as if the ball gets hotter the longer the shot clock goes on for them. If they wait any longer than 10 seconds to get a shot off, they have to take a timeout to get treatment for their hands.

They will have Monta Ellis, aka The Black Hole, back in the lineup tonight. He was expected to be out for another week or so. I'm not sure what percentage you would put his health at, but hopefully he's not all the way healthy.

Pair him with Stephen Curry in the back court and things could get ugly quick. They can flat shoot, maybe not make all the time, but they will jack it up a lot.

The biggest things the Jazz will need to do to win this game is to get defensive rebounds and limit turnovers. The last thing you want to do is to give the Warriors even more possessions.

Golden State will not be able to stop the Jazz on defense. You can have your layups, they'll take the three. Combining their poor defensive rating with their high pace and teams are putting up 111 points a game on them. That's nearly four more points a game than the next team, Phoenix.

So rebounds, no turnovers, and just run the offense and we'll be good.