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The Downbeat - 2 February 2010 - #4815162342

1_medium  Only the Jazz in game 7 of the playoffs could keep me away from the LOST premiere tonight.  Even then, I might DVR the Jazz game.  Here's a LOST-themed DB.

2_medium Your all-LOST team based on the numbers

4 - Adrian Dantley
8 - Deron Williams
15 - Matt Harpring (others)
16 - Lamar Green (the only Jazz man to wear 16)
23 - Wesley Matthews - This was a tough one.  Tyrone Corbin was in this spot as well as Aaron James. I'm going with upside here.
42 - Donyell Marshall - You could have gone with Googs or Tom Chambers but neither one contributed more than Marshall to the Jazz.

8_medium  There's a small comparison between the Jazz not making a trade (so far) and the LOSTies (SMALL SPOILER)...

detonating the bomb.  What affect would a trade have had on the Jazz had they done something when they were losing so often?  Would they have been where they're at today?  Would they have been even better?  Just like LOST, it's hard to say either way.  

4_medium Casting comparisons:

Deron - Jack
Boozer - Locke?  Some would say Ben?
Sawyer - CJ Miles - player and joker
Eko - Millsap, strong, silent, gets the job done.
Ronnie B - Ran out of ideas with the next three, any ideas?
Ronnie P - ??
Memo - ??
AK - Mikhail - The Russian that stares at a computer all day and communicates with the outside world.
Korver - Desmond if just for the hair.
Gaines - Charlie (not for drug reasons of course; living on one big shot right now)
Fesenko - Hurley (comic relief)
The KOOF - Smoke Monster
Sloan - Jacob?
Greg Miller - Charles Widmore

Maybe if I would have put a little more work into this it would have been a bit more detailed and more thought out.

5_medium  What will become of the Losties at the end of the season?  Between now and then there's bound to be a lot of ups and downs.  But when all is said and done, what's going to happen to their characters post-island?

The same can be asked of the Jazz.  When the season is over (which hopefully lasts longer than the LOST season), what will become of the team?  We know who will be back.  What are we going to think when we look back on this season?

Maybe when both seasons are over, I'll come up with an off-season piece comparing the two.