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Deron Williams Back To Showcase His Skills

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After taking a year off, Deron Williams will be back in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge for the All-star weekend festivities,

The Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose will defend his title in the 2010 Taco Bell Skills Challengeagainst Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns and Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz, as part of NBA All-Star Saturday Night on Feb. 13, at American Airlines Center in Dallas. The 2010 field features three of the event's six previous winners.

Deron of course set a record with 25.5 seconds a couple of years ago.  That will be a hard time to beat given that when he did it last time he was perfect on everything.  He had an advantage that year as well as he could dunk his final shot and didn't have to lay it in.  He won't have that over everyone this year.

This should be a good contest if you're into the skills challenge and of course you are because you're a D-Will fan.  I heard the loser has to eat nothing but Taco Bell for a month.

Deron Williams skills challenge record run (via memoismoney)