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The Downbeat - 22 February 2010 - #171 - The Good Hangover Edition

We know that the team was not pleased with Ronnie B getting traded for a draft pick. Deron in particular expressed frustration that there wasn't a move made to get better. Does that become a motivator for them?

Do they have a mindset of "Fine, we'll just have to do things our damned selves?"

No "While you were sleeping..." this morning. One, it was so late that you already knew all of the scores anyway. Two, you probably didn't sleep much after last night's win. Three, I was on a high after the win but had an equally measurable crash (face on the keyboard).

Here's a quick hit of the losers; Spurs fall to the Pistons and the Hornets beat the Rockets. That's a another game put between us and SA. Boston couldn't complete the comeback over the Nuggets though and OKC doesn't look like they're ever going to lose again.

I'm sorely disappointed that there's no picture of Boozer's put-back last night. There has to be one somewhere, right? Any good nicknames for that shot?

If it was still allowed, do you think you'd ever see the Jazz use a pick on a player straight out of high school again? Stevenson and Miles are the two from the past decade. Stevenson didn't work out really. CJ looks at times like he's put things together and other times not so much.

Unless he's a LeBron-type player, I don't think they ever would. Seems to be a lot more time spent developing and investing in players. Is it the talent jump? They're used to dunking on high school kid and not all of them are seniors. You're suppose to make that transition to the NBA? I don't see the Jazz taking a flyer on another high school player given the previous picks.

Monday poll,