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Roster Spot #13

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So, let's get this off our collective chests . . . the thirteenth guy on our roster is not going to be an All-Star who takes the Jazz to the promised land. Look at some NBA rosters, very few 13th-men are even people who would dare to break into their own teams' rotations, let alone ours. As far as end of bench guys go the Jazz have already been so lucky -- Sundiata Gaines (who just made it onto NBA 2k10's online updated roster -- not that my PS3 can connect to it) is our 12th-man, and he's hit a game winner for us on National TV against one of the best teams in the game. Asking for even more from a guy behind Sundiata is just being greedy. We're talking LA Lakers-Gasol trade level greed here.

The 13th guy on the roster isn't even going to be active (unless the Jazz use him on the active roster and send Koufos down to the Flash ... unlikely, I know, the Jazz brass in all their commotion with huge blockbuster trades this year have forgotten about both Kosta *and* the Flash). He's not going to be some center-piece to an Epic journey and battle against our collective opponents. So don't expect as much.

Also, don't expect that the Jazz will sign the absolute worst player ever, for the least amount of dollars. (after all, Kevin O'Connor didn't ring my cell phone today) If anything, expect to get a vet back who has playoff experience; and while being long in the tooth, will probably have played in enough games to be able to help out some of the guys on the team who appear to have negative basketball IQ's. (despite my timely praise, this list may be limited to guys whose names rhyme with "Testenko")

Over the past few seasons we've had a bunch of these mentor types -- sadly, instead of just imparting knowledge to the younger players, they were actually playing in front of the younger players. (Unless you blocked out the Derek Fisher starting over Ronnie Brewer / Brevin Knight over Ronnie Price / Matt Harpring over everyone / Collins over Fesenko and Koufos days) As long as the veteran player the Jazz does eventually sign isn't playing instead of our younger, more talented, higher potential ceiling guys, then I absolutely don't care how bad he is. (Amar is now welcoming with open arms, the Michael Finley's and Maceo Baston's of the world) So don't get too upset if the guy local media is hyping isn't the guy you would sign . . . because I don't even expect him (whomever it is) to even be active unless something really awful happened.

Why do you ladies and gentlemen think?