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Game Thread/Preview - Utah Jazz @ Milwaukee Bucks

The unstoppable force meets the unmovable object?

That's kind of what we're heading for tonight when the Jazz head into the brew capital tonight. The Bucks are a different team since getting blown out at the ESA a couple of months ago, 112-95. Since then, they're 18-7 and 10-2 since the break and 9-1 in their last 10.

The reason has been their stifling defense. The Bucks aren't scoring much and in fact their PPG is less after the All-star break. However, they've only been giving up 89.09 points a game during that same span.

On the other hand, they haven't faced an offense like the Jazz much since then either. The one game they did lose in their 9-1 streak was against the Hawks, the third-rated team offensively. They also beat Cleveland but the Cavs were sans LeBron.

The last game saw the Jazz win with a balanced scoring attack. Doe was 2-3 from deep and had a team-high 19 points. Four other Jazz men had double-figures. Boozer and Okur owned the glass with 12 boards each. The Jazz were also 8-16 from three-point land.

The Jazz jumped on the Bucks early in their win at the ESA and that's what the Jazz will need again tonight. I'm looking forward to what the Jazz can do against the Bucks' D.

Oh, and I'll get up a recap tonight for a change if it kills me.