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Jazz Get Bucked in Milwaukee, Lose 95-87

See what happens when you knock a beer out of a fan's hands?  Milwaukee gets angry over the wasted brew.

The Jazz had quite few non-calls that they should have but the Bucks flat out took this game.  Utah is one of the best offensive teams in the league and the buck stopped in Milwaukee.

So to answer the question in the preview, the immovable object wins tonight.  Had the Jazz not have to play from behind for most of the night, they might have had enough to steal this game in the fourth.  You can't keep playing from behind like that and expect to win them all.  It's nice to know that they can come back like they have so many times, but when you run into a team like the Bucks that are just as hot, the odds are going to be against you.

Despite the poor play from the Jazz tonight, that they had a chance to win this game was remarkable.  They finally took the lead late in the fourth on Deron's second free-throw and Boozer's dunk on the next possession pushed the lead to three, 78-75.  The Jazz had the chance to push the lead to six, but CJ Miles and Korver couldn't connect on their three-point attempts.

After that, the Bucks took over getting back to back turnovers from Deron and Boozer on consecutive possessions which resulted in points on the other end.  That put Milwaukee up four, 84-80.

Even then, the Jazz fought back with a Korver jumper and then Memo blocking Jennings on the other end.  CJ Miles then calmly made two free-throws to tie it up.  The Jazz got some D on Bogut on the following trip down the court for the Bucks, but someone didn't box out, and Ersan Ilyasova was able to get the easy put-back.

With one more shot to tie it up or win, the Jazz ran a play for a Memo three thatwasthisclose to going in, but rimmed out and that was essentially the game.

All the credit should go to Milwaukee in this one.  They held the Jazz to just 87 points when Utah had been putting up that number by the third quarter in recent contests.  The Bucks, and namely Andrew Bogut, frustrated the interior offense of the Jazz all night long.

Who knows, maybe if even one three ball falls for the Jazz, we're talking about them pulling out another win.  Maybe if someone else other than Memo or Boozer contributed offensively, we're talking about how we stole one.  Maybe if AK hadn't hurt his calf, there would have been an AKWSUA moment.

I didn't expect the hot three-point shooting for the Jazz to continue at the same pace, I just didn't expect for it to even out in one game.

No loss is good, but this loss to the Bucks isn't like the loss to the Clippers or the Kings.  The Bucks are a very good defensive team.

So off to the OKC on Sunday.  That's going to probably be a tougher game than this.  They're a great defensive team as well and Durant can drop 30 on you before breakfast.  So they're going to have to do what Matthews' mom used to tell Wesley about losses and that's forget about them at midnight and go on to the next one (according to her on 1320 KFAN when she was sitting with Locke).