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Game Thread - Utah Jazz @ Oklahoma City Thunder

No AK, no Memo, no Price, no problem, right? The Thunder were going to be tough enough as it was even with everyone.

According to Locke, CJ will start for AK and Millsap will take Memo's place. That's going to be a pretty thin rotation with just Korver on the bench that's part of the regular rotation. We're going to see some odd combinations on the floor tonight.

So we'll see Gaines tonight, maybe even vs. Maynor. Deron might be going 40+ minutes though, let's hope he's wearing the wrist brace. And we're in trouble if the Jazz start getting into foul trouble as well.

If we're going to pull out a win, we're going to have to have season-best type games from everyone. Oh, and don't be surprised if Durant goes for 50.