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The Downbeat - 15 March 2010 - #185 - The Crying Game Edition

 Here are the standings if we just take the games since the beginning of the year,

DEN 25-9 .735
OKC 25-10 .714
UTH 24-10 .706
LAL 23-12 .657
DAL 23-12 .657
PHX 20-14 .588
SAS 20-14 .588
POR 20-15 .571
MEM 20-16 .555

I think given the Lakers easier schedule to start the year and the Jazz fans desire to erase Oct-December from the history books, we should just go with this.

As for the rest of the season, the Jazz have 18 games left and only 8 of those on the road. With the exception of the game @ LA, all of those are winnable. The question is what are the Jazz going to do over the remaining 18? If this season is any indication, they could go 16-2, 10-8, or 8-10. Like I've said before though, the Jazz really don't have an excuse not to finish out the season strong. The remaing schedule is the easiest they've had in recent years.

If they were to go 16-2 to close out the season, Denver would have to choke down the stretch for the Jazz to win the division. Denver only has 16 games left which means they would have to go 10-6 (11-5 does us no good as they hold the tiebreaker). Do they have six losses left? They do have a five-game road trip @NY, @BOS, @TOR, @ORL, and @DAL. They also have remaining away games against Houston, OKC, and PHX. THey have some tough home games against the Bucks, Lakers, Grizz, and Spurs. So it's not impossible that they could stumble, but I don't think it's likely. They're a very good team and a legitimate threat to knock off the Lakers.

  Othyus jeffers got picked up for another 10-day contract.  He's not likely to see many minutes given that he didn't even get PT against OKC when we were short on players.  So if he's going to get signed for the rest of the season, he'll have to make the team in practice.

Right now, I'm not sure there's a better option out there for the Jazz.  Larry Hughes got signed over the weekend.  Is there really a player out there that the Jazz can sign that would be an upgrade?  Given that whoever it is, they're not going to get much court time.  If anything though, I'd like to see what Jeffers can do at least on defense.  They say that he can guard guards and power forwards.  The offense might take a bit to learn, but the defense is something that can be picked up pretty quickly.

 I have to say, I watched my first national college basketball games over the weekend and it makes me salivate for Evan Turner, Cousins, Wall, and the like.  I've said it before, but the fact that we even have a slim chance at landing one of these types of players makes me drool.  I'd like to thank to Dallas Mavericks for getting taken behind the woodshed by the Knicks.  Thanks a lot.

Do you realize that if we were to land Turner, that we could have two pirates, Wesley and a relative of Bill Turner?

 When did we turn into whiney Bs when we don't get a call?  It's one thing to complain, but I counted at least a couple of times when Deron's man got up court because DWill was crying to the officials.  First, if you're going to complain, it shouldn't be when the action is still going on.  Second, at what point do you think that it's going to help for future calls?

That's one of the biggest reasons I hate other players like LeBron and Kobe and the like because they're whining after every call.  Frankly, (breaks out cheese doodles) it's embarassing.  Let us fans whine, that's our job.

  Looks like the Jazz are drawing big locally on FSN.  It looks like it didn't start out well though in the beginning of the season,

"We have been consistent in our [ratings] delivery, but earlier in the season, we were getting some concerns from some advertisers because the ratings weren’t there," said Chris Baum, senior vice president of broadcasting for the Jazz. "But we have started to grow our ratings dramatically in February,"

I'm guessing with Boozer still on the team, college football still going on, and the overall poor play of the Jazz had something to do with that.  It looks like things are back on track though.  

"Our ratings are now back to our glory days when we had John Stockton and Karl Malone," Baum said. "And February in Utah is cold."

It would be interesting to see how this year has compared to year's past when there was KJZZ as well.