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Game Thread - Minnesota Timberwolves @ Utah Jazz

Not much to say about tonight's game other than if the Jazz still can't win given the following, then I don't know what to say:

  • Minnesota has lost 10 straight
    They played last night against PHX
    They gave up 156 points!!!! (is that enough exclamation points? No?) !!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Jazz had no game last night
    The Jazz are at home
    Minny has the worst record in the conference
    They're going to get a better pick than us.
    They rank 29th in offense and 28 on defense

Granted, all of our trouble against the TWolves came in December when we we're playing our best ball. The Jazz are a much better team now and shouldn't have a problem tonight. I like how they took care of things against the Wizards and expect no less tonight.