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The Downbeat - 19 March 2010 - #189 - The Greg Miller Edition

 1_medium A sneak peak at the new Jazz unis from @greginutah.  What are we looking at here?  Front?  Back?  Looks good so far.


Speaking of @greginutah, I'd like to get an interview with him for SLC Dunk and have him answer some of your questions.  I realize he has a form for that already, but it would be good for the site (obviously) and I believe we would get some really good questions from you all.

So, if you would kindly re-tweet this tweet of mine to Greg Miller, maybe we can score a twitterview or email interview with him.  Hopefully this turns out a bit better than some of my other twitter campaigns.

Honestly, who didn't love Stockton's shorts (via A Stern Warning)?

WTH (via Fat Shawn Kemp)?


  Great day of college hoops yesterday, I don't see how today can match up with it.  The bar was set pretty high.  If there's one thing about college basketball is that the excitement level seems to be contagious throughout the tourney.  If there's a lot of buzzer beaters and close games one day, that tends to spill over into the other games.

On that note, I'm excited for NBA basketball to be back tonight.  Even a day off in this crazy month seems like forever.